Be Smart! Don't Spam!

Media Magnet Pro! gives you the power to get your press release noticed through out the USA and Canada in just a few clicks. This much power in the wrong hands could cause a number of problems.

Be smart! If this software is improperly used, you could be damaging your business!

Media Magnet Pro! should be used with care and consideration.

Please, don't abuse this power. We ask that you respect the people that receive press releases by helping to make their lives easier, not more difficult.

Please don't keep resubmitting your press release over and over in an attempt to get it read more quickly. The editors of the media have an enormous load to deal with. Give them space. Emailing your release over and over will only get your release "deleted". Show them what you got, and allow them time and space to contact you.

Please don't re-submit minor changes of your press release. Again, help decrease the load, not increase it.

What ever you do, DO NOT send your release to every contact in the database thinking that someone will publish your release.

This tactic never works!

Imagine yourself as being the receiver of your press release. Put yourself in the editors shoes. By submitting your press release just once, that is direct to the point, short, and simple, you'll run yourself a much better chance of getting published.

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