What editors want...


- Keep it short! Don't e-mail a press release that would print out to be six pages long. A brief single page summary is all that is needed.

- Include your info in the body of your message. Don't ever send a press release as an attachment. There's no point of doing that. The less work the editor needs to do, the better. Note, Media Magnet Pro will automatically format this for you.

- If you have a lot of info on the topic you're pitching, post it on your web site and include the URL in your press release. Pages of detailed information can be organized and presented much better on a web site than in an e-mail. If an editor requires further information, a simple link to your web site would serve much better than scrolling through a long e-mail.

- Be sure to include your correct return email address, and allow editors to request to be removed from any additional mailings. Honoring removal requests is part of the email process. If you receive a removal request, it would NOT be appropriate to email future press releases to that editor again.

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