How to Format a Release

While Media Magnet Pro will perform the formatting for you, it's important for you to know and understand these guidelines before submitting your release.

1) The first line of the e-mail message should read: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE in all caps. This lets the reporter know the news is authorized for publication on the date they receive it.

2) Allow one spacer line then write a headline using a combination of lower case and capital letters. Keep your headline to ten words or less. Do not write the headline in all capital letters because it is harder to read using e-mail software.

3) Allow another empty line for spacing, then begin the text of the release as we show with the city and state followed by a dash. All releases must include a date since reporters do not always use releases immediately.

4) There are a number of conventions for line length of electronic press releases. Media Magnet Pro formats press releases to the style most universal among e-mail readers.

5) Include press contact information at the top or bottom of your release. A reporter reading your release should be able to make a decision about your story in the first screen of the e-mail message.

6) Finally, close the document with the characters -30- or ### which are style conventions that let the reporter know they have reached the end of the story.


Don't trust your word processing program to catch errors in grammar and spelling. Have a few individuals read the release before sending it to a reporter or news agency. Common word processing spell check errors including the use of 'to' when it should read 'of' these words often slip by a human reader too.

Additionally, remember that press releases are sent by e-mail and not everyone uses the same software. For that reason we do not suggest using HTML tags, bold type or color text which may not transmit properly to the end receiver of your message.

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