The goals of a Press release

Press Releases are the accepted bridge between the business world and the editorial world and your effective use of this tool can contribute a lot to your promotional success.

When you send a release to the press, it's probably never going to be used in that form. Press releases aren't typically considered news. However, they *carry* news. So your goal in sending a release is not to see your actual release used. There are a number of things you should be hoping for when distributing your press release:

1. That your release makes an editor or reporter aware of your business, service, book or company.

2. That something in your release sparks an idea for a story and that you (or your author) are used as a source.

3. That something in your release runs into a story currently in the planning stages and -- again -- you (or your author) are used as a source.

Most every newsroom has a person whose responsibility it is to scan the releases that come into the press office. In some news organizations this is done by the editor (or section editor) who flags the ones they find interesting and passes them to the relevant reporter. In others it's done by a very junior person who then passes their selection to a more senior staff member. In either case, releases are read and some are sent directly into the news stream.

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