Guidelines for Technology Companies

For the benefit of those users who are in the Technology business. We have created this guideline for press content which should always be included in an electronic news release to the media.

Following these pointers is a sample news release.

- Offer a FULL evaluation unit of the product to reviewers
- Software should be available for download from the Web
- Supply the MSRP (Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price
- Itemize in a list the key product features
- Include any system requirements, especially the platform
- Include a URL to background information, white papers etc. (Don't send this information in your release)
- Many editors want photos to accompany a story. It is especially helpful to online editors to have a photo already uploaded on the web to which they can link. In addition to the general company Web site URL and URL for downloading, a product photo or image which demonstrates visual effects generated by the product can enhance your placement or review opportunity.
- Don't send photos as attachments with a press release.
- Finally, a sentence or two about your company and the headquarters address. International users: please list a U.S. contact person as well as a contact for the company where your headquarters are based.
- Sample Release for e-style and format. The idea here is to include online download information up front and get to the first paragraph of the release in the first screen.



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"Media Magnet Pro is the ultimate companion for any business seeking to inform the press about its products and services. It incorporates the data, and the tools required, in order to deliver a professional press campaign directly to the editors desk!," said Mark Benson, the company's President. "Most people don't have a clue as where to start their own press campaign, let alone have the personnel or budget to out source it. Media Magnet Pro allows even the smallest business to now compete on a national level, and eliminates the (per mailing) charges associated with mailing services and agencies. We packaged a high end database, along with a feature rich emailing and label printing engine for a fair price that anyone could afford."


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- Over 20000 Media Contacts including address, phone, fax, editor name, and email address
- Instantly sort the database to target a particular industry and/or media type
- Update Button allows monthly database updates
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- Auto formats your release to industry standards
- Prints labels for traditional mailings and sending press kits
- Templates and Knowledge Base teaches beginners
- Unlimited use, no per release charges


System Requirements:
32 bit version: Windows 95/98/NT compliant
8 MBs RAM. 486DX or better.
10 MBs of hard drive space.
Y2k Compliant

-Media Magnet Pro $149.95 - One database update is included
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