Composing your press release


Step two

Email Formatting:

You may choose to send your release in either:

  • HTML format ( varied text sizes and colors )

  • ASCII format ( plain text )

We recommend using plain text ( ASCII ) format, as some editors may not be able to receive HTML email. Why?

All email programs can receive plain text messages, while not all email programs can read HTML email.

If your sending your release in ASCII format, there is no need set font sizes and colors, these settings should only be used if your sending your release in HTML format.

Release Date:

You have the option of putting a release date on your release. This is the date that your news ( press release) is effective. Most releases should be marked as "For Immediate Release".

If your press release surrounds news related to a future date, you may enter in the release date of your choice.

Email Subject:

This is probably the single most important line in your release. This is the subject line that the editors will see when your email arrives in their in box. It should be catchy and to the point. You need to sell yourself and your concept in this one line. Make it count, but don't make it too long!! About 45 characters is plenty.


This is the opening line that appears at the top of your release.


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