Sending your Press Release

Step four


Final Step! Before sending, here are a few things you should consider:

Are you connected to the Internet?

Did you spell check your release?

Did you send yourself a test?
Create a new contact for yourself in the MY CONTACTS database and send a press release to yourself. This is a useful to be sure all is working and looking like you want it to.

Did you define a return email address?

Click on settings--->preferences and be sure to define an alternate AKA "junk" email address. When your emailing to a lot of contacts, you will receive a percentage of undeliverable and returned email. Typically the ratio is under 15%. So if you send out 1000 press releases, about 150 emails will come back as UNDELIVERABLE. This is normal. Not all email addresses will be deliverable.

To prevent your main email account from filling up with junk, get your self an alternate email account to handle the return email. Click here to get a free alternate email address.

Did you TARGET your campaign?

NEVER send email to all email addresses in the database. You will be accused of spam and could loose your dial up account. Target your media, select only appropriate contacts who would be interested in your new release and you cannot be accused of spam!


Your are now ready to submit your release!

Here you can preview your release prior to emailing. Other options are as follows:

  • Preview Release

  • Send Release

  • Print Labels ( for snail mailing press kits, or follow letters )

Congratulations!, and good luck with your press blast campaign!


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